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I think, in general, people just want a new, refreshing voice, and they're hearing that from Kinky.

Laura Stromberg

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They've just been wonderful to work with and they are really encouraging us on this project. That attitude was refreshing, having worked in a lot of towns that are more difficult to work with.

Mikal Torgerson

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Ryan's a young, refreshing guy with a great sense of comic timing and freeness. He's able to express himself and be creative about allowing himself to find something new to perform every night.

David Nieman

They told me something very interesting, they promote on merit. What a refreshing idea.

Marilyn Tam

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Everything was black and white back then, and that was refreshing because there's a lot of gray in the world today.

Dennis Flynn

It's refreshing to see a court go by the facts. Everybody said they are a great family.

Patricia Logue

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He doesn't wear jewelry, pimp his home runs and give hugs afterward. He hits 'em, puts his head down and runs. It's refreshing in this day and age, to say the least.

Scott Sauerbeck

We took care of business like we're supposed to. It was refreshing to handle things efficiently.

Saundra Hess

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When you hear about what they are … you'll be amazed. It's kind of refreshing to hear what some of those are.

Jerry Larson

We are pleased to partner with Destiny Health. It's refreshing to find a health insurance company that shares our commitment to enhancing the health and wellness of the greater D.C. area and we feel the Vitality program is a great, motivational complement to our premier services and facilities.

Jonathan Adler

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The social aspect is always there. And a refreshing adult beverage after a fun sports event is always an enjoyable time.

David Day

Men have conceived a twofold use of sleep; it is a refreshing of the body in this life, and a preparing of the soul for the next.

John Donne

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He doesn't beat around the bush. It's refreshing how he's not worried about being politically correct.

Gary Wilson

It was important to move past that stage. It was a dark page for the university. Coach Willingham brings new light, new blood into the program. It was refreshing.

Brad Vanneman

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Each year, I think we've gotten better, we've gotten stronger recruits. With Coach Dixon coming in this year I think she just brought a new energy to our program, new ideas. Just a refreshing way of coaching. I think that we all responded very well to that.

Megan Vrabel

One thing that stands out to me is how Nick and Derrek handle themselves, how respectful they are. They're a refreshing rarity. The game can use guys like this.

Larry Bowa

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It was good and refreshing to get back out and compete and have nice weather.

Janae Voelker

Just to hear birds. Refreshing.

Tia Styles

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These are great players and high-quality guys, too. It's a refreshing attitude. ... Looking back, (hiring Howland) couldn't have worked out more beautifully.

Marques Johnson

It feels good to get that first district win. After what we've dealt with the last two matches, this is refreshing.

Jimmy Dowell

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