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I think, in general, people just want a new, refreshing voice, and they're hearing that from Kinky.

Laura Stromberg

We did make some changes. It is affecting a number of people. What it is all about is updating and refreshing our entertainment.

Cynthia Gordon

In general, it's just a better way to start a year. Everyone is real positive and excited. Last year, it was hard to be positive in the situation. It's very refreshing this year.

Donna Cappellano

Ryan's a young, refreshing guy with a great sense of comic timing and freeness. He's able to express himself and be creative about allowing himself to find something new to perform every night.

David Nieman

We're much faster, much cleaner off the ground. I can't remember in a long time when the whole [freshman] class brought so much. They're refreshing. They have no bad memories. We'll see what happens when a little adversity comes.

Bill Tierney

Everything was black and white back then, and that was refreshing because there's a lot of gray in the world today.

Dennis Flynn

His optimistic outlook is refreshing. Who knows? Maybe it'll turn out to be better, in the end.

Noah Croom

He doesn't wear jewelry, pimp his home runs and give hugs afterward. He hits 'em, puts his head down and runs. It's refreshing in this day and age, to say the least.

Scott Sauerbeck

Things are so refreshing it seems like we've been running in molasses uphill for four years. Things are starting to be much more positive....

Maryanne Ingemanson

When you hear about what they are … you'll be amazed. It's kind of refreshing to hear what some of those are.

Jerry Larson

It was refreshing to know that the grandson had decided to bury the hatchet. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that.

Milo Hamilton

The social aspect is always there. And a refreshing adult beverage after a fun sports event is always an enjoyable time.

David Day

Rather than meeting the chef, we heard more from the chief financial officer and even had a review of the financials. We thought the new openness was refreshing.

Lauren Fine

He doesn't beat around the bush. It's refreshing how he's not worried about being politically correct.

Gary Wilson

That's the refreshing part about it. This is someone who has gone to work every day for 1,400 games in a row. And it's not like this is a Monday-to-Friday job. This is every day of the week.

Dennis Scott

Each year, I think we've gotten better, we've gotten stronger recruits. With Coach Dixon coming in this year I think she just brought a new energy to our program, new ideas. Just a refreshing way of coaching. I think that we all responded very well to that.

Megan Vrabel

Apple really hasn't weighed in on the sub-$1,000 computer category. Their next step could be refreshing their current products and making pricing changes.

Bruce Stephen

It was good and refreshing to get back out and compete and have nice weather.

Janae Voelker

Just to hear birds. Refreshing.

Tia Styles

These are great players and high-quality guys, too. It's a refreshing attitude. ... Looking back, (hiring Howland) couldn't have worked out more beautifully.

Marques Johnson