Virginia Madsen
FameRank: 5

"Virginia Madsen" is an American film actress and producer. She made her film debut in Class (film)/Class (1983), which was filmed in her native Chicago. She soon moved to Los Angeles, and was cast in a series of successful movies for the teenage audience, including Electric Dreams (film)/Electric Dreams, Modern Girls, and Fire with Fire (1986 film)/Fire with Fire. In 1984, David Lynch cast her in Dune (film)/Dune as Princess Irulan.

She is most known for her role as Helen Lyle in Candyman (film)/Candyman (1992); and for her performance as Maya in Alexander Payne's film Sideways (2004), for which she received numerous awards, and nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture/Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Her other film appearances include Long Gone (film)/Long Gone, Ghosts of Mississippi, The Hot Spot, Gotham (film)/Gotham, The Rainmaker (1997 film)/The Rainmaker, A Prairie Home Companion (film)/A Prairie Home Companion, and Red Riding Hood (2011 film)/Red Riding Hood.

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