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Overall, it's a very good budget, especially looking at his proposal for teacher recruitment and retention.

Wayne Blanton

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It will certainly slow down (athletic) recruitment.

Jim Sexton

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You're absolutely going to see an uplift in interest in your university. We see it in recruitment efforts, in interest from prospective students, from donors. The amount of attention basketball brings, you can't put a dollar (amount) on it.

Doug Goodwin

The recruitment process has been going on for a couple of months. When they called and asked if I was interested, I said yes.

Augie Ghio

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Although recruitment and real estate have remained strong all year, we did not see the hoped-for turnaround in auto in August.

Tony Ridder

I take anybody seriously, ... But right now, we should not fall into their hands by giving them a lot of press time and ... credibility.... The more publicity they get, the more it will help their recruitment.

William Anderson

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We enhanced records so we could keep in contact with each student in the recruitment process.

Bill Kibler

The consistent rise in the number of background checks performed year after year is evidence of the diligence employers are taking in the recruitment and hiring process.

Dean Suposs

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That means we can go to places with a common front as a recruitment council. We will be helping each other for one purpose, which is to help these kids.

Carrie Zerafa

We'd like to know what is causing this and whether we can do something to help manage for more consistent and better recruitment.

Kevin Kayle

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The current situation is unacceptable. Recruitment agencies make all the checks they can on staff but these checks are only as good as the registers provided.

John Dunn

We are moving ahead with these four additional hires and we are in the recruitment process now. We are going to the legislature to ask them to ratify this move that we're making.

Laurence Lau

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If we don't have the complainant, the recruitment agency can always deny the accusation because there is no (official) complainant.

Francis Domingo

The Team Fiji Committee concentrated on building up the national squad and the recruitment of the coach Megan Simpson. we concentrated on planning the event.

Mick Beddoes

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The crisis is not over. The only thing that has happened is some moderation in the rate of increase of our premiums, but we still have issues in terms of recruitment and retention of physicians.

Andrew Wigglesworth

A large portion of the declines in ads in November and December are seasonal declines as businesses cut back recruitment ads during the holiday season.

Ken Goldstein

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To me, it's all about the recruitment of your players. You've got to have the pitching, and with these wood bats, it's about speed and a pressure-type of offense.

Mike Garcia

It's a massive recruitment for us.

Christian Horner

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There are two real targets for intelligence: the Islamic world and China. It's pretty clear that the types of people who are going to be high on their recruitment list are going to be Asian-looking, Asian-language- speaking Brits.

Bob Ayers

Where the effect comes in droughts is the low water levels coming off the spawn. All the water is pulled off the cover the baby bass are hiding in. They can't hide and this hurts recruitment. But it is something fishermen might not notice for three or four years.

Dave Terre

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