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With affection beaming out of one eye, and calculation shining out of the other.

Charles Dickens

It's somebody staying on the balance beam rather than not staying on it. We have to have a very good meet.

Scott Bauman

She had an amazing beam routine. She was really deserving.

Ashley Felicelli

I love everything about her. She's like a little beam of light.

Judith Regan

It should be a great meet. There are no secrets, and it always will come down to the beam.

Jim Guest

Remember-you can't beam through a force field. So, don't try it.

William Shatner

We came through on bars and beam today. We knew that on beam it was make it or break it and we came through.

Gillian Kieft

We're just using this as a chance to get him back on the beam.

Bruce Headley

That means the acoustical beam has to be smaller.

Jim Larsen

The Australians have teleported a laser beam.

Art Bell

Beam is harder than it looks.

Alex Martin

I've always been a big fan of time travel, and I'm very into the notion that some day we'll be able to do it. Beam me up!

Scott Bakula

Our floor was really good and our vault was good. Our bars and our beam struggled.

Lori Enright

I will never forget the beaming faces of the children.

Birgit Prinz

We knew it would be a tough competition, but if we stuck the beam we would have it.

Allison Szatek

This was a big goal for us. It was wonderful for us to finish strong on bars and beam.

Gillian Kieft

We really started off (strong). Beam was great for (the JV), too.

Emily Worobec