It's somebody staying on the balance beam rather than not staying on it. We have to have a very good meet.

I'm very proud of the way our athletes competed tonight. All three of them came out and basically hit on every event.

We host this next year. All the teams are pretty close, so it should be great next year too.

Ashley is a great athlete and a very competitive individual. She won't let being the only one from SUU on the bars stop her. I have no doubt she'll come out and give the performance of her life. She's that kind of competitor.

She just enjoys the competition and exposition of it all. She knows how to relax in a very weird environment like that.

If this were women's NCAA basketball, this would be like going into Tennessee - there's nothing like it. We're fired up for this; when you walk out and there are 15,000 people screaming and the walk-out is like the NBA finals - hey, it this doesn't get our kids ready nothing will.

It's a lot of fun and I think once people get a taste for it they get really hooked.

Leah's one of the most consistent beam workers we've ever had. That will make her mad enough to come out and really want to hit it next week.

Honestly, if you would have told me in November that we'd have a winning record after losing over half our scoring team from last year, I would have laughed. But these kids have come together and grown and learned, and I'm as proud of them as I could be.