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The accidental bankruptcy. They went in and then said, 'Now what should we do?'

Joel Denney

I'm fed up with airlines going in and out of bankruptcy.

Barry Graham

Bankruptcy is totally out of the question. We have never contemplated it.

Bob Lutz

It's common in a bankruptcy to have these charges -- you're cleaning house.

Douglas Baird

Restrict bankruptcy rules.

Jerry Weller

The [new bankruptcy] law, ... is really targeted at the 5 [percent] to 10 percent of people who were abusing the system.

Laura Fisher

Bankruptcy is a serious decision that people have to make.

Herb Kohl

If we don't have the CAP program, then I'm going to the bankruptcy court. It would be the dissolution of the agency.

Frank Queen

Filings are up solely because of the bankruptcy reform act.

Terry Miller

They have no plan for Amtrak other than bankruptcy.

David Gunn

There's concern about the ramifications of the Delphi bankruptcy.

Cummins Catherwood

While we have a lot of work to do and a lot of initiatives under way, bankruptcy is not one of them.

Toni Simonetti

I don't even know what a bankruptcy risk score is.

Kelly Mccoy

Basically all we can do is get a bankruptcy attorney and get in line.

John Cousins

He was supposed to meet with us at bankruptcy court and he didn't even show up.

Freddie Curtis

I've gotten a better response since the bankruptcy filings.

Tom Price

Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. US Airways is in bankruptcy, and they fly every day.

Richard Copland

People think the (bankruptcy) law is going to be repealed on Oct. 17. It's not.

Sam Gerdano

When you are in bankruptcy, the severance pay stops.

Roxie Russell

Many people, with good counseling, can find alternatives to bankruptcy.

Joel Greenberg

They'll up the ante because they now have the bankruptcy judge behind them.

Bobby Depace

The airline's already slim chances of avoiding bankruptcy are dwindling rapidly.

Philip Baggaley

I see no rush to beat the latest bankruptcy law deadline.

Michael Roach

The bankruptcy surge in 2005 will give us a benefit.

Jamie Dimon

I don't think it (bankruptcy) is going to solve anything.

James Harris

Bankruptcy is in the minds of the media.

George Magliano