This is not a bailout, ... This is not taxpayer money. This is providing the company the flexibility they need to meet their obligations and therefore protect the taxpayers.

If people didn't understand the plight that legacy carriers were in, they will now.

Isn't that what it is all about, accountability? Those who break our immigration laws should be held accountable. Those who hire illegal aliens should be held accountable. And those who turn the other way and claim there is no problem should be held accountable.

He might have scored if the field had not been so bad.

I've gotten a better response since the bankruptcy filings.

There is a reasonable likelihood that the jury believed that it was not permitted to consider mental impairment outside of determining whether (Penry) is mentally retarded.

I don't particularly like the idea of slaughtering horses; however, this amendment cuts funding for USDA inspectors and, as a result, would endanger consumer safety.

They were both very good, but Steve overshadowed everyone.

I don't believe it is in Congress' or the taxpayers' best interests to have these plans thrown on the PBGC.