Parent birds normally shade the young during the day.

It's something you can ask as well as I can. It's a tremendous imbalance.

For people to walk in feces in the wealthiest country in the world is an abomination -- for whatever reason, ... When the tsunami hit, we got there in 48 hours, yet it took days to get to New Orleans. What does that say?

The theory behind a [debtor-in-possession] loan is that it is first among equals in the bankruptcy process.

They want to minimize the impact of aircraft being taken out of the market.

I don't look at it like that. I look at it as a process ... We're expecting Matt to come in and make some plays.

You have never met a greater man than him. I sincerely mean that.

I don't think it (bankruptcy) is going to solve anything.

All I've got wasn't really much, but it was much to me.