"Terry Miller" is a retired an American football running back who played in the National Football League/NFL with the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks.

Miller was an All-American at Oklahoma State University in 1976 and 1977 and finished second in the 1977 Heisman Trophy voting to winner Earl Campbell.

Miller ran for 1,060 yards in his rookie season, but had only 484 total rushing yards in 1979 Buffalo Bills season/his second season (second to Bills' fullback Curtis Brown (running back, born 1954)/Curtis Brown). By 1980 Buffalo Bills season/1980, with Buffalo having found a star in rookie running back Joe Cribbs, Miller was relegated to mostly Kick returner/kick return duty.

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We've been up and down all year. We've played some really good teams and it was good to get some consistency.

It'll be curious to see what happens in Arizona.

There used to be lots of people and a lot of youth. We want to gear it toward them and promote it so kids can afford to go and families can afford to ski.

It's the largest amount of filings ever.

And we will allow people to file by facsimile until midnight October 17.

Filings are up solely because of the bankruptcy reform act.

If you're really into it, it's your passion and it makes life worth living.

My 7-year-old granddaughter will be able to drive on the new road, but she'll have to pay for that until she is 82 years old.

It's using the fees that people pay for other projects. That becomes a tax.