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It's really unfortunate for him, as a kid you hate to see that, it was an awkward type thing. He's out six weeks.

Doug Maclean

It's a little bit awkward because the kids aren't with you any more.

Larry Allen

Judex is an awkward customer.

Dave Stewart

I don't care if I'm cool or not. I've always been an awkward person anyway.

Chris Carrabba

I shouldn't have too many reversal of fortunes. It's very awkward.

Michael Stanton

It would only get awkward if none of us lived here anymore.

Mark Hedman

It's not that heavy, but it's very awkward to handle.

Scott Hansen

I am always embarrassed and a little awkward about receiving this sort of attention.

Amitabh Bachchan

It was awkward. I didn't get the full ball; I got under it just a bit.

Rob Bironas

Wow, he's in an awkward position.

Charles Elson

The age difference seemed a little awkward, ... but the movie is about that.

Claire Danes

It would be awkward, pretty much unprecedented.

Patrick Smith

I think he felt as awkward as I did.

Shawn Varney

It was more awkward than I thought it would be.

Scott Harrison

It just seemed like it was one of those awkward games.

Desean Jackson

I'd always been the big, awkward kid. Now, it's nice to kind of be the big man on campus.

Zack Moritz