I shouldn't have too many reversal of fortunes. It's very awkward.

You can have a coach looming over you and watching your every move, but until you take it upon yourself to get better, you're not going to, and that's what separates her from the others.

Burying Katrina is the theme, getting some closure, just putting it to rest for a minute.

She takes a lot of pride in what she does. And you don't necessarily see that in a lot of teenagers.

We're very fortunate in that we have two seasons. As soon as the spring breakers leave, the locals come back.

She's coming in first and second place in every event she enters. That's fantastic. She's my No. 1 scoring senior.

She's having her best season ever. She's setting personal records in the mile and 2-mile. She's running with the best in the county and scoring tons of points every meet.

There's just not enough help to go around.