Judex is an awkward customer.

With the lack of a goalkeeper and the lack of a center midfielder, we have no flow. If we do get the ball to our forwards, we have one or two against four or five defenders, so we don't stand that much of a chance. Everything's pretty much in our end.

I'm well pleased. Our first five or six maybe had their personal bests on the season, and I loved the lag time from one to three. It was about 40 seconds, and that's excellent.

The opportunity to succeed he hadn't yet had.

I've Got a Life.

Colin is better than most people think. He is a solid, intelligent, fighter. He is up against it in such a talented operator as Junior Witter, but it might not just be as one sided as some think.

I will keep it tight for the first round, take a good look at him and take it from there. I intend to outbox him; I like to dictate the pace and to keep things sharp.

I would rather take a different route than fight Lee.

I received your notice but I'm in no way responsible. I feel bad for your loss because I am a victim as well. I lost my job, my home and my car all over something I did not do.