Just imagine, ... UNH could stop arresting all of its students.

I think I'm a playmaker and the last three games weren't my time to make plays.

Even though we feel the company is executing on its business plan, we believe that given the more mature stage of ISS (Internet Security), significant acceleration of growth is a big challenge.

I can understand why the market is reacting the way it is, ... On the surface, the deal looks strategic.

I'd like to go back there. . . to visit.

The scariest part was going through Mobile. There was a lot of rain, dust, but after that it was a smooth ride.

The rest of my family is in Houston.

It's way early, but that's definitely our goal. We think we can compete at the highest level next year. We know we're good enough to do that.

For the players who are here now, and the ones before me, I'd like to say I'm glad I conducted myself in a manner that enabled me to be welcome back.

I was the first option on the play and the quarterback made a great throw. I landed on my shoulder and neck and blacked out for a little while, but I'm fine now.

I already had plans of relocating, ... It was between Florida and Texas. I guess God made that decision for me.

It just seemed like it was one of those awkward games.