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I think the major attraction to me was?Christophe.

Radha Mitchell

Everyone is anticipating the growth and attraction of this market.

David Joyce

Part of the attraction is that a lot of people couldn't get there.

Jeff Toner

The L.A. Zoo's got a very popular attraction coming its way.

Jay Young

That feeling that something could jump off at any second was actually part of the attraction.

Nelson George

That was the attraction. It was a tremendously strategic location.

David Strow

I have never fallen in love with my own voice, but I've always had an attraction for it.

Tom Snyder

We knew he'd be a great attraction, and he really excites the crowd.

Ray Buckley

Downtown is the attraction of the community.

Linda Mccarthy

It's kind of been an attraction.

Dan Byrne

This scenario has the attraction of delivering universal tax relief.

Macquarie Bank

Progress is the attraction that moves humanity.

Marcus Garvey

The attraction to go there was the academics and the religious background for the kids.

Steve Rosenberg

Max and Moritz for their part found no attraction in it.

Wilhelm Busch

That was more of a walk-through, fun house type of attraction, where aliens would jump out at you.

Ray Radelia

Actual violence has no attraction for me at all.

Jane Campion

The sailfish is a tourist attraction and a big landmark.

Sandy Johnston

The inherent natural scenic beauty in the area is an added attraction.

Erwin Rode