Steve Rosenberg
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"Steven Allen Rosenberg" is a retired American left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Rosenberg is Jewish. He attended the University of Florida, and was drafted in the fourth round of the 1986 draft by the New York Yankees during his senior year in college.

He played for the Chicago White Sox (1988–90) and the San Diego Padres (1991).

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The attraction to go there was the academics and the religious background for the kids.

My shoulder took [an earlier] retirement than the rest of my body did.

It's very exciting. The great thing is it links into the Hyde Park trail.

It wasn't that tough to walk away because I kind of did it on my own terms. I had two children at the time and a third one on the way, and at 28, I had been with Merrill Lynch for a couple of months and saw what a wonderful career I could have. There are no regrets.

I have been coaching there [the] last three years as the pitching coach with [head coach] Matt Cleveland and the varsity squad.