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You can see he is extremely athletic. He's a smart kid, he moves around well, and he's got some raw ability.

Marc Trestman

They were cool about it. I think it was the athletic director.

Brittany Holestine

It will certainly slow down (athletic) recruitment.

Jim Sexton

They were just more athletic and quicker. We were never able to compensate for that speed.

Dusty Perdue

They're going to make a lot of mistakes because they're young, but they're so athletic.

Terri Risch

Hillhouse plays 10 guys and they're very athletic. They rebound very well.

Jeff Beeman

He's a little, athletic guy who can make you miss.

Steve Specht

He does it all. He's the most athletic player on our team. He's the most consistent.

Larry Mckissack

They were more athletic than we were, but we had the experience. That was the difference (at the end).

Wendell Lofton

Their keeper is tall and athletic. He was getting a lot of the balls in the air.

Curtis Blair

Iroquois is a very talented, athletic squad. Iroquois is so quick.

Bob Todd

He's athletic, but he's really raw yet. He's definitely a scrappy kid.

Henry Agallar

She's really, really athletic and she's got an athletic mind. You can put her anywhere and she'll function well.

Brenda Hadwin

He's got natural athletic ability.

Sid Monge

Metuchen is very athletic. We don't know too much about them, but we know they'll be good.

Mark Drew

He brings a well-rounded athletic skill set to his game.

Tom Dundas

I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some better athletic and designer brands in the stores.

Matt Powell

Then, we'll put the logistics of the athletic piece together next.

Rick Dickson

I'm not surprised, ... He's a kid with some athletic ability who has worked his butt off. I'm not surprised at all.

Kevin Grimes

He's just so athletic. Erving can do a lot of things.

Mike Arnold

The first thing was to get the athletic director in on board.

Dennis Mcgeehan

They're very strong and athletic. They knew what they wanted to do, and they did it.

Patrick Springer

We're not school-hopping for athletic reasons. There are circumstances why.

John Mckenzie

They're a great team. There is a reason why they played with USC all the way to the end. They are athletic and fast.

Hal Mumme

They're the most athletic team we've ever played against. My hat's off to them.

Kevin Cameron

He's an extraordinary kid. I wish we could have an athletic department full of him.

Jeff Johnston

We're more athletic than we were last year, and we're quicker.

Duane Schwab

They're a strong team. They're very athletic and well-coached.

Pat Dimmick

She is very athletic and intelligent. We could tell she was something special when we saw her play.

Mike Sweitzer

Liberty's defense is probably the most athletic defense that we've faced this year.

John Bartos

Her athletic ability is incredible and she also turned out to be an incredible leader on the court.

Shari Bishop

He's very analytical, very logical, ... He's also very big and athletic. He's an avid basketball player.

Barry Hazen

Against a team like Ashland, which is so much more athletic than we are, you can't give them (38) turnovers.

Chuck Woelfel

They're long, athletic and they create chaos on the defensive end.

John Olive

This will extend the gold standard to our athletic department as well.

John Griffith

The defense is solid, and it's more athletic and faster.

Kathy Arendsen

With Nate and Trevor out there we can afford to gamble. We know we're so athletic.

Channing Frye

He was just too athletic for us.

Bob Strickler

He's got a lot of promise. He's one more of the athletic freshman we have.

Glen Ewing

He's an athletic type of person, he's picked it up very easily.

Mike Walsh

They'll be the most athletic and the deepest team we've played.

Dick Hunsaker

They are really athletic and have some new guys that make them more athletic. They have more athleticism than us and are quicker than us.

David Chiotti

He's got a lot of athletic ability and he's learning fast.

Jeff Thomas

They're so athletic, so quick and physical. They're good.

Doug Schauer

They're more developed. They're more athletic, and their skills are more refined.

Cindy Davis

Right now she's our most improved player. She's so athletic.

Sandrine Krul

Rockledge has a little more power. But they are probably not as athletic as Cocoa.

Gregg Hostetler

We have decent size and are pretty athletic.

Charlie Paye

He's an athletic, explosive kid who is very good with the ball. He shoots the ball well.

Ron Wilcher

I think that my mom is the athletic one, but when she was in school they didn't have anything that was organized.

Sheila Roux

Camry's new style is athletic and elegant.

Don Esmond

The only athletic sport I ever mastered was backgammon.

Douglas William Jerrold

Marcus can play anywhere on the floor. He is very, very athletic.

Bill Flanagan

We were more athletic than they were. We shut them down on defense.

Antonio Anderson

Danny is faster and more athletic.

Randy Cornwell

They were a more athletic team than us.

Greg Brochetti

You try to prepare for it as well as you can, but with their quickness, I don't think you can. They're very, very quick and very athletic.

Jack Culhane

They are athletic kids, and they're pretty strong.

Mark Ciccotelli

They will be more athletic. We really need to exploit our size advantage down low.

Amber Magner

Those guys are so athletic. They are one of the most athletic teams I've ever played against.

Anthony Atkinson

We knew they were big, but we felt we were more athletic. They did everything I could have asked for.

Brett Hardy

I wasn't athletic. I played baseball, but I was terrible.

Matt Long

They are real scrappy and athletic. They gave us everything they had.

Kareem Carter

He has the athletic ability, so why not?

George Foster

They're really athletic and hit the boards well.

Stephen Cervantez

They are the most athletic team we've played all year. We earned that win.

Marc Kreischer

He's very tough. You look at him and don't think he's so athletic.

Matt Coute

We had a tough time matching up against them. They were a really athletic team.

Dan Schmidt

It's not just his athletic ability, it is his character and persona. He is top notch.

Lynn Compton

He was very athletic. He could dunk a basketball. He was extremely fast for his size.

Bill Renner

They're a tough team. They're athletic and quick around the ball.

Henry Uhegwu

All their players can jump through the roof. Very athletic.

Aleks Maric

He's long, athletic and he can score.

Brad Franz

He's the nicest horse here. He's beautifully balanced and very athletic.

Leon Macdonald

Anything athletic or outdoors is alright with me.

Jacob Hunter

I was always a little more talented than them. A little more athletic anyway.

Katie Mitchell

He is one of the most athletic guys we have on the court.

Cam Gibson

They're an athletic team. They're relying [too much] on their athletic abilities.

Emanuel Charles