"Cindy Davis" is a retired professional American BMX/Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racer whose prime competitive years were from (1988–1998). She was the first woman to win five American Bicycle Association (ABA) cups in a row, and the first rider to own five Number One Cups (over both 20 inch and Girls Cruiser). She was founding member of ABA's Girl Pro class. An accumulation of injuries in 1998 ended her career. During the course of her career she achieved 350 National wins. She got the moniker of "Loopy" when at the 1989 ABA Grandnationals in her 12 girls main. She applied so much power down the first straight she looped out, i.e. did an uncontrolled "wheelie", over balanced and fell backward onto her back, a maneuver that resembled a plane doing a half loop. Due to this crash she lost her bid to repeat as national no.1 girl.

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There was no way, ... It was gone.

We are grateful that people throughout the United States are so willing to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

It bothers me that kids who are doing it are not thinking of the lives they're putting in jeopardy.

They're more developed. They're more athletic, and their skills are more refined.

If he gets pulled over, he's going to jail.

Traditionally, Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year at 7-Eleven. A majority of our customers are men, and many have come to depend on another holiday tradition -- 7-Eleven being open round the clock on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The people of our community have done an incredible job. And it makes you feel good that people in other parts of the country are touched by what has happened and want to do what they can to assist the victims.

These are young vibrant athletes who have a lot of energy and confidence that they can play. That excitement drives TV ratings and produces opportunities.