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Should any of these assumptions change, then the company's assessment of its financing requirements also would change.

David Norris

We aren't going to comment or make any assumptions until we meet with the company.

Joseph Tiberi

There are a lot of assumptions that they're making with regards to second careers.

John Class

We probably made the assumptions for them in those days, as well. We try not to do that anymore.

Mike Cook

Assumptions are the termites of relationships. I wrote that.

Henry Winkler

We're not making any assumptions. What his intentions were, we don't know.

Angelo Bitsis

You can have no assumptions. The buyer profile was very general in details.

Brandon Hall

There were all these assumptions and things in writing about how things would be kept affordable.

Michelle Yee

We have to try hard and liberate ourselves from assumptions.

Marc Andreessen

They're based on a lot of assumptions, but they're also based on some reality on the ground.

Audrey Singer

We've made conservative assumptions for 2004.

Tom Szkutak

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.

Henry Winkler