We're going to continue to do what's right for the growth of the business. Our pricing strategy is not to maximize margin percentage growth but to maximize buying for our customers, ... As we grow, we'll be able to get better economies of scale, better prices from our suppliers and our third-party sellers. All that should help margins.

We've made conservative assumptions for 2004. We're cautiously optimistic because it's not possible to accurately predict demand.

To work on the seller platform, making it easier for sellers to sell.

Our 2004 guidance we believe is conservative, ... We cannot predict fluctuations in foreign currency and in global rates of the euro, pound and yen. This could have a significant impact, positively or negatively, on our results.

Customers like it. The prime members that are subscribers are buying more, they're doing more cross-shopping.

We're getting more share of wallet, and we're seeing customers buy more [from] other categories.

We've made conservative assumptions for 2004.