We've got to forget it and move on to league play. Indiana State's not an easy place to play; they're kind of crazy there.

Two, frankly, their downtime was minimal at best, because they were involved in all that we do. We included them in all of our various activities - and our activities were business meetings during the day, and in the evening there were receptions and dinners.

Everybody feels like we're a lot better. Older, more mature. Little stuff -- like signs -- I feel we're so much better at.

Here is the truth of the matter. The individuals that we invited were, one, expected to speak, and were expected to present their opinions on the issue of taxation, specifically as it pertains to cars and trucks. We had a variety of opinions expressed by the invited guests that were there.

You can have no assumptions. The buyer profile was very general in details.

We're still getting better. Our defense was the difference tonight. Coach told us that Union County has some real tough teams, so we knew we had to be ready.

I will assure you after all these years that it is about relationships. There is a trust factor that has to go on between the lobbying community and the legislative community. They've got to trust us, and we've got to provide factual and truthful information, pros and cons, to them. And you can only do that once you've had a relationship with somebody.

We know it's an inconvenience any time we do this, but I don't think there's anyone in here who would argue that we don't need to be looking at replacing the bridge.

The complicated 51-jurisdiction state motor vehicle titling systems invites fraud. All states should 'carry forward' prior brands when issuing new titles, and states should brand registrations as well as titles.