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We were serving an arrest warrant in the area.

Officer Jose Sousa

Just imagine, ... UNH could stop arresting all of its students.

Desean Jackson

His arrest resulted in the cancellation of his contract.

Rick Curran

If you don't pay your fine, they put a body attachment (on you), which means you're up for arrest.

Dedra Mannon

Are you really arresting me?

Shanti Sellz

If they saw something unlawful, why didn't they commit an arrest then?

Roy Warden

We will definitely appeal the decision to arrest him.

Igor Trunov

I am not a terrorist. Please don't arrest me.

Vivienne Westwood

This is all being done after the humiliation and degradation of the arrest.

Alan Konop

Aware of the arrest.

John Timoney

Tommy is a moving object, so when we do find him we'll arrest him. We will also arrest those who try to get in the way of his arrest.

Saleh Saaf

We like to arrest people who are wanted.

Officer Colbert

There was no point arresting us, we were simply trying to make a statement.

Marie Runyon

This arrest comes at a great time.

Kelly Mccann

We have received a signed warrant for the arrest of an additional individual.

Lt. Donald Schuck

They saved 52 lives. And their reward . . . is an arrest warrant.

James Cobb

We're going to arrest people if we need to.

Vincent Creel

We are very happy that the police made the arrest.

David Westerfield

We have said for the last 10 days that the arrest could take place very quickly.

Florence Hartmann

There's obviously some political motive in the parade of his arrest.

Richard Sharpstein

We are still arresting people. This is a growing operation.

Dennis Gutierrez

We have presented our demands to the government, it is up to them to arrest the culprits.

Shahid Ghori

He was suspended immediately, within minutes of his arrest.

Sheila Weiss

They threatened to arrest me and have me evicted. It was a big warning.

Li Jian

Showing signs of resisting arrest.

Robert Mcteer

By law, we had to arrest her.

Joey Giordano

We have appealed to replace the conditions of his custody with house arrest.

Igor Trunov

Once we're satisfied that we have probable cause, then we'll arrest them.

Lt. Miguel Rosario

Once he was rescued, then we had to arrest him.

Judy Orihuela

You have to make that call whether to arrest, mediate, or separate.

Kelvin Frazier

You can't arrest me, I'm a rockstar.

John Lydon

With this arrest, the Mafia has been beheaded.

Piero Grasso

I was rightfully placed under arrest.

Charles Lyons