We believe Westerfield's driving time would be far greater than his statements and believe Westerfield may not have described every place he visited.

[The reports also contain Westerfield's explanation for once using the plural] we ... 'we' was just a slip.

I didn't plan to meet her there. She was with two of her friends, girlfriends, having a good time, just playing pool with people and joking around.

If you brought her in right now, I wouldn't be able to tell her [apart] from 10 kids.

What do you remember most about your dad?

No, she's not my type, ... kind of heavyset.

We are very happy that the police made the arrest.

This whole story sounds weird to everybody else, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Look at what he utterly obliterated: Danielle van Dam. We need go no further than that.