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It's a little frustrating, especially the way we were swinging the bat in Arizona.

Chris Woodward

It'll be curious to see what happens in Arizona.

Terry Miller

I would say that Arizona is ready.

Robert Guerrero

Remarkable endorsement for the state of Arizona.

Michael Crow

I would say that Arizona would be clearly one of the more hard hit (states).

Tom Rex

Private Pictures: photography from Arizona collections.

Annie Leibovitz

I have not spoken to anyone from Arizona. That's not to say someone close to me has not been contacted.

Ben Bennett

I might play, I might not. But I'll definitely be ready for Arizona.

Will Peterson

I know Arizona is not going to be looking past us.

Sherri Murrell

We're lagging so far behind in Arizona.

Dianne Bowers

ICE is continually assessing our need for bed space in Arizona.

Russell Ahr

This is not just a Maricopa and Arizona problem. This is a national problem.

Richard Dymalski

There was some very good competition in Arizona. There was not a bad team there that I saw.

Sandy Montgomery

We wanted to bring in brands that aren't in Arizona.

Kurt Demunbrun

Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is gorgeous red.

Cecilia Bartoli

We got Carolina already, and now we got Arizona. We can get on a roll now and take this the rest of the way.

Gabe Pruitt

[Arizona] gives up something on the defensive end. It's possibly something for us to capitalize on.

Charli Turner Thorne

Arizona was a great fit. They did all the right things and they weren't too car-salesman-y.

Trent Suzuki

These Arizona bills must not become law. They would set a frightening precedent.

Pamela Madsen

The level of amenities . . . is something that will be unsurpassed in Arizona.

David Larcher

They are not traveling out of Arizona. Period.

David Young

It's something impressive because it's something we could use in Arizona.

Erin Hertzog

We're from Arizona. The No. 1 rule is never, never leave your vehicle.

Elbert Higginbotham