Everyone who plays against us is giving us their best game. We have to compete hard every game.

She was a junior college All-American, and it took us all year to finally sign her. She's a power pitcher. She's getting between eight and 12 strikeouts a game for us and does a nice job.

You're only as good as you recruit. Sometimes you land the right combination of kids, and sometimes you don't. We've gotten great pitching this year and a solid nucleus of position players that are doing a nice job.

When you surround yourself with good players a lot of good things can happen. It is nice to get 600 wins, but I am just real happy that my team is playing the way they are.

We have our schedule set the way it is for a reason. We want to play good competition. It is going to be chilly.

There's a lot of competition in this team. Whoever is doing the job at the time is going to play.

They know they have to perform to get innings. They complement each other well. That's certainly not by accident.

There was some very good competition in Arizona. There was not a bad team there that I saw.

They each have their own positive qualities at first base.