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To exraordinary circumstance we must apply extraordinary remedies.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We need to apply the science of communication to the communication of science.

Preston Manning

I'd love to see teachers from the Joliet area apply.

Joanne Wheeler

He encouraged me to apply to a lesser school.

Stacey Hill

We could apply this to HR. HR has its processes and the customer has to fit around it.

Ted Johns

I had time to apply myself more and dig into what I wanted to do. I realized I had a lot in front of me.

Tony Dixon

We, by law, cannot continuously apply pesticides to the same places.

Kyle Bordelon

It was not relevant what happened that day. They're taking a law and applying it to a situation that was not applicable.

Linda Mcglade

It's taking ideas and applying them in a new area, mostly.

Bruce Hartsough

New York law may still apply if you live in New York and did your work here.

Richard Kass

When are you going to realize that if it doesn't apply to me it doesn't matter?

Candice Bergen

I think it's really important for a company to apply their IQ to make a difference.

Oliver Roll

You simply can't keep up with the technology, ... so the laws won't apply.

Vint Cerf

It's not across the board but it will apply to almost all of GM's mid-sized cars.

Anne Marie

There are few things that you can't do as long as you are willing to apply yourself.

Greg Lemond

That program was so successful, we decided to apply for another grant.

Niza Uslan

You can apply for it, but you're not necessarily going to get it.

David Irons

You don't apply CPR to someone who's breathing.

Kevin Doll

Users (should) apply the updates as quickly as possible.

Oliver Friedrichs

They can apply this to any city out there.

Blake Bradley

He had all the tools; he just had to do a better job of applying himself (academically). He's a good kid, and so far it's worked out really well.

Thom Kaumeyer

I strongly recommend that people who are interested in this should apply.

Barb Fleisner

You have to move very fast and apply just the right pressure. There's an art to it.

Julie Sahni

We tried to apply pressure, but they offset it. They handled the pressure well.

Tim Joyce

We require mitigation but state law does not apply.

Robert Sellman

Information will be coming soon on the process to apply for the seat.

Tom Hernandez

The Lambda Alliance will be a way for us to apply together.

Brett Thalmann

Anybody with a little guts and the desire to apply himself can make it, he can make anything he wants to make of himself.

Willie Shoemaker

A lot of people are so afraid to go to work and lose their Medicaid, that they don't even apply to go to work.

Kelly Buckland

When we have a new product, we apply for a patent before we produce it.

Stephen Huo

We're applying some advanced technology to make the two-stroke engine cleaner.

Bryan Willson

The most important thing is to know the risk categories that apply to you.

Christian Nolte

We have the right tools in the kit but probably need to apply those tools differently.

Matthew Nordan

The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.

Mary Heaton Vorse

I didn't even apply. There was no warning.

Max Roach

That will enable us to apply for more grants, and contributions will be tax deductible.

Jeanna Stewart

It is not our job to apply laws that have not yet been written.

John Paul Stevens

They have to apply for a pass and keep renewing it (to go anywhere).

Rev. Carleen Gerber

Qualifying agencies are urged to apply.

Helen Hemmes

That's the Band-Aid we're hoping to apply as quickly as we can.

Harry Lee

We ask them when they apply if they use tobacco. If the answer is 'yes,' we don't hire them.

John Hutchinson

You have to ask for it to apply to your property.

Mark Rakowski

It's a tremendous opportunity, and I hope students apply.

Frank Parker

It's a competitive process where anybody can apply for funding.

Geri Freedman

It is my method to apply tension at all times.

James Galway

We'll look at all of the numbers and see how they add up so we can begin applying them consistently.

Stephen Fowler

But they can't apply for rooms for a couple. They must live apart.

Ashley Wu

Unfortunately, Toll did not apply the same standards.

Chris Corrigan

It's intended for adults who buy alcohol for minors. It should not apply here.

Mark Gummerson

I've been told if we apply, we probably have it, but the deadline is the end of the month.

Debbie Malphurs

I've got research, I have my own life experience I can apply, and I have my imagination.

Chris Cooper

It may be that it is the act of applying the needles that is important.

Ted Kaptchuk

You are narrowing your field. You are narrowing your numbers. If they can live where they are at now, more will apply.

William Stark

What happens happens. There's a chance I might apply.

Curt Bladt

My sister was one of them that was applying for citizenship and she had to go to Houston and eventually she moved to Houston.

Miguel Rodriguez

For each of these routes, we can quickly apply the cost factor.

George Krawzoff

The only thing that was approved was the site. Now we have to apply to do a pump test.

Tim Mcguire

If they don?t apply, we?re going to ask them to apply. We?re going to go out and solicit them.

Dave Madden

There's not enough information to know how much to apply for.

Jim Adams

The borders are obstacles in applying the law.

Antonio Martinez

More and more people are applying for membership on our Website now.

Liu Run

Why not get rid of Samaranch? Let's apply some pressure.

Ernest F. Hollings