"Chris Corrigan" (born 1946) is an Australian businessman. He was the Managing Director of the Patrick Corporation until it was taken over in 2006.

Born in country New South Wales, he was educated at Bowral High School, the Australian National University and Harvard University. In the US he developed an interest in marketing and media and acquired new techniques in retail finance, including margin lending, which he introduced to Australia.

He joined stockbroker Ord Minnett as an analyst in 1968 and moved to Bankers Trust/BT Australia as investment manager in 1970. He was appointed managing director in 1979. Corrigan formed a partnership with Peter Scanlon, a former Elders Limited executive, in 1990 when he set up an investment and management services business that first became the Lang Corporation and later stevedore company Patrick Corporation.

Corrigan is best known for the 1998 Australian waterfront dispute, in which he attempted to sack the heavily unionised workforce and replace it with strikebreakers, eventually leading to reform and restructuring of dockyard labour practices. In the 2007 miniseries Bastard Boys about the dispute, Corrigan was played by Geoff Morrell (actor)/Geoff Morrell.

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Well, Richard always is a colourful sort of sideshow, isn't he.

I don't think any progress has been made on that front.

We have been trying for months to get an investigation underway into this deal which was negotiated between Toll employees and former Toll employees who were being given Toll options while working at Pacific National.

All Patrick employees who went to Pacific National when the joint venture was formed in 2002 were required to resign from Patrick and did not receive further options from Patrick.

I'm talking about business ethics here.

Toll have effectively negotiated with themselves a transaction which is not in line with the board approval that was given.

There's a risk I suppose that Pacific National is broken up and that's a route that seems inevitable.

Unfortunately, Toll did not apply the same standards.

Toll has negotiated for itself a 20-year contract which gives it exclusive rights to all of the freight carried by Pacific National in Queensland.