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The engine wasn't anti-Semitism, but the fuel certainly was.

Michel Wieviorka

It didn't have any of the actively anti-environmental provisions of this [CAFTA] agreement.

Lori Wallach

Exxon is the most anti-environmental company in the world.

Gene Karpinski

It's the next big thing for the anti-war movement.

Bill Dobbs

No one understands if things take on an anti-American tinge.

Condoleeza Rice

Anthony is the anti-aesthete.

Ruth Reichl

What we don't want is a law that should be addressing anti-racism contributing to the problem.

Piara Powar

The anti-marijuana madness has got to end.

Mason Tvert

We call her the anti-Marley.

John Grogan

I was already yours--the anti-urge, the mutilator of souls.

Jane Kenyon

We never had an anti-business policy.

Oskar Lafontaine

I have never understood jihad to mean anti-Americanism or terrorism.

John Walker Lindh

We are tired of NBC's anti-Christian bigotry.

Don Wildmon

Today's laws are not only anti-immigrant, today's laws are anti-American.

John Destefano

They are overestimating the anti-gay sentiment in their own organization and the country.

David Smith

We're not anti-growth, anti-development. We're for controlled growth.

John Benfield

Anti-Semitic? What is anti-Semitic about it? ...There is no logic to this claim.

Daniel Barenboim

This is not a partisan, anti-Microsoft group.

Simon Phipps

The [anti-Shakespeare] theories are always pinned on two points.

James Shapiro

It's really clouding the issue here. It's not an anti-homeless thing.

Frank Furtaw

There is clearly a lot of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan, less so in Afghanistan, but I think that this will feed into it.

Peter Bergen

When you introduce discrimination of any kind, it's anti-innovative.

David Isenberg

Anti-doping is something we all need to do. It's part of the sport. But there's no need to put on an act.

Antoine Deneriaz

It's clearly attributable to the aggressive anti-retroviral therapy.

James Oleske

We had always opposed anti-national activities.

Gulam Mustafa

They call him the anti-Carly. He is low-key and humble and all that.

Tom Perkins

There is a culture of anti-Mormonism on this campus.

Dennis Potter

In a way we are anti-mall. We are giving people a place to come and find things for themselves.

Yael Taragon

He became a Catholic convert and was violently anti-Semitic.

Valentine Vester

The whole thing is to paint me as anti-business and no-growth.

Greg Collins

They heard that the script was anti-Saudi.

Stephen Gaghan

The Anti-American Criminal Liberties Union.

Mark Hyman

Whether a person is pro-choice or anti-choice, all people agree that less abortions are good.

Shane Pendergrass

I've never been anti-sex or anti-sexuality. I'm just anti-hypocrisy.

Siouxsie Sioux

I don't know whether you have 'anti-social' trails here.

Charles Di Bona

Could be construed as anti-Semitic.

Jose Rivera

Well of course New Zealand isn't anti-American.

Helen Clark

I do not see evolution as something that is anti-religion.

Michael Ruse

You don't have to be anti-man to be pro-woman.

Jane Galvin Lewis

The mayor is anti-Semitic and we know that in London.

Brian Coleman

This is not the same old anti-takeover protection response.

Kurt Schacht

A lot of the anti-Americanism is show.

Peter Schechter

Anti-Americanism in the Muslim world is intense and pervasive.

Geoffrey Kemp

It's the youth vote who have been manifesting this anti-Americanism.

James Paterson

The Norton Anti-Virus gateway was affected.

Chris Miller

I don't think it's an anti-Boston sentiment.

David Wells

We are not anti-open source.

Martin Taylor

The anti-gay rhetoric is constant.

Eleanor Smeal