To me, Italian food is the best as far as having different types of cuisine.

We have a new projection technology that we think will make the image immune from a teenager sitting in the (audience) with a video camera.

They call him the anti-Carly. He is low-key and humble and all that.

She has joked about doing that, but I don't think any us of in the business would be too terrified.

We're excited about the other stores being opened and bringing in more business.

I'm doing everything myself, except the actual printing. The new book will include 700 routes, which is 100 more than the first volume. I've added 14 areas, so basically the book covers the all climbing between Aspen and Twin Lakes.

A real burden on a small company that's going public. The accounting expenses engendered by Sarbanes-Oxley are...just tremendous.

If that happened, it would rank right up there with anything else I've done in my career.

Most of the people who get off at our exit get off by mistake. They thought it was Exit 57.