Ruth Reichl
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"Ruth Reichl" - pronounced RYE-shil - is an United States/American chef, food writer, co-producer of PBS's Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, culinary editor for the Modern Library, host of PBS's Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth, and the last editor-in-chief of the now shuttered Gourmet (magazine)/Gourmet magazine. She has written a trilogy of critically acclaimed, best-selling memoirs: Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table, Comfort Me with Apples: More Adventures at the Table, and Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise and has lately published Not becoming my Mother. In 2009 she published Gourmet Today a 1,008 page cookbook containing over 1,000 recipes. She published her first novel, Delicious! in 2014.

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The fact that we're giving food this kind of attention means that it just gets bigger from here.

Darling come into the kitchen, I need you.

The cook doesn't want to be locked away in the kitchen anymore. He or she wants to be around the guests. That means that kitchen appliances suddenly become like a sofa and table ? things that everybody is going to look at. I think it's a real indication of where we are in food culture today.

You know, your mother is such a great cook.

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