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If this goes over well, we'll probably make this an annual event.

Janice Gentry

And we're left with $600 million of (annual) revenue that continues on.

James Crowe

It's an annual event, and all those fires are preventable.

Robin Alford

This is hopefully gonna turn out to be an annual event.

Mike Frink

We hope this will be an annual event.

Doug Zenn

You could save up to $300 on the annual cost of auto insurance.

Carolyn Gorman

It's a show of gratitude. It's probably going to be an annual thing.

Robert Meyer

For some people, it's a mecca, an annual mecca to see the eagles. It's a phenomenon.

Marybeth Garrigan

Iowa Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit.

National Gallery

I'd love to see this become an annual tradition.

Linda Hanson

You do something annual every year, don't you?

George Noory

A few years ago you could get an annual membership for $200 a year. Now [the average is] $600 to $700.

Peter Stewart

This has gone further than most proposals for annual sessions.

Frank Brawner

This is the annual time of year for the air-conditioning complaint.

Adam Griffin

The first annual Gore family dinner.

Tom Duffy

Obviously if this is that big of a hit, this may be an annual event for Atlanta, so we may have to up our eggs, too.

Christine Parker

It amounts to an annual tax cut. Taxes are never low enough.

Brad Young

We hope to make this an annual event.

Robert Owen

Absolutely this is an annual event.

Dennis Crawford

There is a very good chance that it will be an annual event.

Tamya Stallings

Wednesday's annual Budget could be Brown's last.

Gavin Redknap

What I'd like to do is make this an annual thing.

John Jaros