National Gallery
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"National Gallery" is an art museum in Trafalgar Square in London. Founded in 1824, it houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900. The Gallery is an exempt charity, and a non-departmental public body of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Its collection belongs to the public of the United Kingdom and entry to the main collection is free of charge. It is the fourth most visited art museum in the world, after the Musée du Louvre, the British Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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There is no doubt that the great majority of the work called 'modern' is the product of degenerates and perverts . . . As owners of a great Van Eyck, if we take a part by refusing to pollute our gallery with this filth we shall render a service to Art.

It is a mark of respect for his ability as an artist and the longevity of his career. He is an impressive painter, and in a quiet, undemonstrative way he has given a lot to Scottish art.

Despite goodwill on all sides, and a shared wish that a purchase for the nation should take place, it has not been possible to reach an agreement that the two galleries could finance.

From Darkness into Light: Printmaking in Sweden 1890-1960.

Iowa Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit.

[For Liberty native and architecture historian Douglas Lewis, every Coast building has a story. The combination of French Creole and English architecture distinguishes the Coast from any other place on the nation's coastline, said Lewis, author of the forthcoming] Buildings of Mississippi ... Buildings of the United States.

One of the greatest benefactors that this country has ever known.

Some people will no doubt regard it as a sell-out. But it's about engaging with contemporary culture rather than adopting an aloof view.

Casting a New Light.