Robert Meyer
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"Robert Meyer" is a Norwegian art photographer, professor, photo historian, collector, writer and publicist. He is the son of journalist Robert Castberg Meyer and homemaker Edel Nielsen; and brother of the industrial designer Terje Meyer.

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The ridiculousness of this whole thing is that when these songs came out, Michael Jackson was nine years old and for him to have a recollection of what was going on 30 years ago, it's absurd.

Investor sentiment has been a problem for Latin America and emerging market asset classes as a whole, ... This is a time to get in to our portfolio.

It is phenomenal. When we first started, it was just me and three employees. We all wore many hats.

It has been exciting with that type of growth and acceleration. We have had a few hiccups but not really growing pains.

We've been amenable to discussing things with them in the past. Now that we've gone through all the trials and tribulations of dragging Michael all over the place, frankly, I don't know if the door is still open on that.

It's a show of gratitude. It's probably going to be an annual thing.

We saw that Billings had a need. One of anything is not a good thing, and we wanted to give people choices.

Surprisingly, the stereotype that people don't like monolithic clones of McDonald's-type stores is ... so much not the case ... Part of the appeal [of Starbucks] is that it is the same everywhere -- you can go in and know exactly what you're getting.

Even though economic growth is going to slow down, the market outlook for Latin America is still positive, ... The key is going to be what happens in Brazil.