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By the end of 2005 we will announce the first of Fiat's targeted alliances.

Sergio Marchionne

There is a preferred person, but the board is not ready to announce that one yet.

Mike Troup

We have no plans to announce at Ross Park.

Deniz Anders

We will be back at six, hopefully to announce a deal is done.

Courtney Pratt

We won't go into any specifics. We don't have anything to announce at this point in time.

Jon Murchinson

We hope to announce (the city) by next month.

Gu Wei

At the end of February hopefully we'll be in a position to announce who the new manager will be.

Raymond Hack

There's nothing to report at this point. When we have something to announce, we certainly will.

Charles Morris

We feel we're far enough in the discussions that we could announce we could restructure it.

Mckinley Boston

It's not as though we have something to announce, because we don't.

David Aaron

That's the new fad this year, to not announce tuition until later.

Tim Reilly

There are different rumors every day. We don't comment on rumors. When we make deals, we announce them.

Niklas Zennstrom

If that agreement and relationship expand, so be it. It could be a good thing, (but) we don't have anything to announce.

Kevin Rollins

The reason we didn't announce this is because it's against the rules. But he brought it up.

Barrie Hartman

You want to announce yourself to the world and I think she did that here.

Joanne Mcleod

No details to announce at this time about the property.

Rich Savner