We will be back at six, hopefully to announce a deal is done.

This plan, together with the restructuring agreement with the province, represents a significant step forward in our quest for a consensual restructuring and a positive outcome. It provides a strong platform for restructuring the company. And it moves us closer to the goal of emerging successfully from court protection as a viable steel producer at Lake Erie and in Hamilton.

We need the time to clear up or deal with these issues that have been raised by Keiper and Woollcombe.

People are starting to realize that a consensual deal is good for the company. There is a deal to be done, we just have to hope that everyone can come to a common view.

[He went on to say that there was a] clear consensus ... at all times objective.

The reason this is pretty critical, that there be no questioning from the court's perspective about the way the board has dealt with this, is that the forecast is critical to the plan.

It relates to the issue of board oversight of financial forecasts and whether the board did its proper job in reviewing the forecasts and making the decision. And that's as specific as I can get.

More optimistic than I have been in the past that a deal is there to be done.