Sergio Marchionne
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"Sergio Marchionne" is an Italian-Canadian executive widely known for his turnaround of the Italian automotive group Fiat and, more recently, for managing the US automotive group Chrysler from bankruptcy to profitability. Marchionne currently holds several roles of major importance, including serving as CEO of Fiat/Fiat S.p.A., Chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, and Chairman of CNH Industrial N.V. and its principal subsidiary CNH (company)/CNH. He was elected Chairman of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association for 2012 (first elected in January 2006). He is the Chairman of Swiss-based Société Générale de Surveillance/SGS and is on the Board of Directors of cigarette and tobacco producer Philip Morris International, and was a member of the Board of Directors of the global banking group UBS AG/UBS for a number of years up to 2010, appointed Vice Chairman (non-executive) in February 2008.

He is also a member of the Peterson Institute for International Economics as well as Chairman of the Italian Branch of the Council for the United States and Italy.

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The industrial alliance will not be with an Asian company.

By the end of 2005 we will announce the first of Fiat's targeted alliances.

I can't tell you based on what I know today whether we'll be able to resolve the issues or not.

International alliances reduce the cost of developing cars significantly.

We are working to have at least one other alliance by the end of the year.

We attribute to this car a great part of our ambition and our efforts to win new customers.

Another milestone in our strategy that calls for targeted alliances aimed at sharing financial and industrial resources on new products and platforms.

Is that of our turnaround.