They are a good tenant, one of our top 10 anchors now. They draw people to our properties.

If (the levels) were consistently in error, then they overtopped previously _ all those other nights that they pumped it up to that level.

About 70 percent of the parking lot was already full by 7 a.m. at Ross Park despite heavy rains. Jewelry, toys, DVDs and home accessories are the most sought after products. At Sears in Northeast Mall, jewelry and DVD/TV combos are selling well.

I guess I would say there is some precedent. Those are a couple of examples.

We always did say we were going to look at the fountain and see if we can keep it. If not, we were committed to a water structure.

The idea is to create an environment where people can have the best of all worlds.

They're very popular with retailers and municipalities who like it because it gives a sense of place, the New Urbanism so popular with customers, popular with tenants and municipalities. It's a great environment for us.

There's nothing to report at this point. When we have something to announce, we certainly will.

Our executives challenged us to find new and greater uses for space as part of asset intensification at Simon. We are taking a look at our properties along those guidelines, and it starts with world-class retail.

There's some flexibility and creativity in terms of lease agreements. But it is not uncommon for leases in the industry in general to be that long.