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We're planning on making that album. But besides that, it's a lot of fun.

Dominic Suchyta

[His 1976 album,] Wanted: The Outlaws, ... The Dukes of Hazzard.

Jessi Colter

When we started writing [the new album], we were a four-piece.

Jeff Davis

We have our own sound. Every single song on our album is different.

Brendan Walter

When I make albums, I do a lot of songwriting but not necessarily a whole album.

Luis Fonsi

We try to do a couple of songs off of each album we've done.

Steve Riley

This is the album I have always wanted to make.

Trisha Yearwood

All I could say was, 'Go get our album. And God bless you,'.

Nicole Scherzinger

I love singing and I'd be thrilled if my album did well.

Debra Stephenson

We try to experiment around and really try to make every album a little more interesting than the last.

Steve Riley

I love the way this album came out.

Trey Anastasio

It's our best album yet.

Steve Soboslai

It's not something that immediately sounds familiar. On this album, it's its own creation.

Janet Weiss

That's his 'Sgt. Pepper,' ... That's the album he got right from start to finish.

Jim Derogatis

Neil wants this album out there as soon as possible.

Bill Bentley

He's an American, really. It's a good album, but it's daft he's got in on a technicality.

Kaiser Chiefs

Faith -- A Holiday Album.

Kenny G

There will be another Dr Dre solo album, without a doubt.

Mike Elizondo

There is a new album in the works, but we're taking our time on it.

Mick Mars

Ha ha ha! She's another one of those 16-year-old actresses, and she's making an album. Like, NO!

Red Wings

Shoot, we go through hundreds of songs to find 12, ... It's like that on every album that I do.

Trace Adkins

My wife has them all in a vault... a copy of every album.

Jerry Goldsmith

It's a very stripped-down, beautiful, emotional album.

Rick Rubin

The album didn't even make the upper reaches of the chart.

Rod Argent

When you put out a double album, you're afraid everyone's gonna go 'What the f-- is that?' .

Chris Shiflett

I've done gospel singing. I have a gospel album and country album.

Donna Douglas

I really felt, before we started this album, that there was unfinished business.

Depeche Mode

The album comes out November 22 — one-one two-two, so it's easy to remember.

Mike Shinoda

It's our most pop album since our first.

Marc Almond

We didn't see a cover of ours (in advance) until our fourth album.

Eric Carmen

This album is, in a sense, closure to a chapter in my life.

Eric Benet

What album would I write about?

Ed Sullivan