Rod Argent
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"Rodney Terence Argent" is an English rock musician and a founding member of the 1960s English rock group the Zombies and the 1970s band Argent (band)/Argent.

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I was wondering, 'Is this going to work?'

It wouldn't be unusual for dad to call on Jim and Steve to play if his regular musicians couldn't show.

When I'm at home I hardly ever bother with alcohol and I play a lot of tennis at my local club.

For the first time in years, it felt honest to use the name Zombies.

I invited Colin up on the spur of the moment.

It felt so natural.

Basically, [guitarist] Chris [White] and I had a good writing income, and we hadn't been gigging much recently. There wasn't any bad feeling.

The album didn't even make the upper reaches of the chart.

That's higher than it got on the charts the first time.