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Our attorney will strongly defend the agency in this case.

John Barton

They're another law enforcement agency that has a lot of resources.

Joe Hall

The resolution of this matter rests with the agency involved.

Malcolm Hoenlein

As an agency, our model is not really one that works well with one-off projects.

Jeff Hicks

This is not a state agency. There is no funding from the state. We survive on our premiums.

Terry Lisotta

Now the agency truly had to get its act together.

Lindsay Moran

Jim built this agency, and I mean that literally.

John Townsend

I'll be the first to admit that, public safety, it's a new thing for this agency.

Alan Steen

There is no connection. The PSC is an independent agency.

Melanie Fonder

This agency has no comment on any ongoing investigations.

Kelly Kennedy

It's a good position, and it can certainly benefit the agency.

Gerry Brown

The detectives with our agency followed up every lead they were given.

Angelo Vaughn

An agency operative on weapons of mass destruction.

Robert Novak

Only the agency head can sign a final order.

Toby Philpot

This is something we've wanted for a long time. But, for a long time, they said one government agency can't pay for another one.

Dan Griffin

This is his first project for the agency.

Gene Mancebo

The Environmental Protection Agency is coming down on them.

Jeff Walker

She really gets it, in how to run an agency like that.

Chuck Bennett

But for an agency the size of Corvallis, they are advanced, relatively speaking.

Brandon Curtis

This is a far cry from what the agency needs.

Tim Sweeney

No agency can, which is why it is vitally important that we are partnered with industry.

Mark Hatfield

Of great concern to us as an agency.

Thomas Streicher

We're the best at what we do as an agency and training program.

David Campbell

We're continuing to evaluate what exactly we need to do to close out the agency.

Lester Murray

They wanted to give them to us, but a state agency can't accept gifts.

Lea Stokes

The agency might be stunned by the response from skaters.

David Toole

Historically, the agency has not done much in the way of rule making.

Jennifer Parker

I've never heard an agency say, 'Unless you industrialize I will not support you.'

Yoweri Museveni

We need to know exactly what we can expect to see from the agency.

Marsha Lowry

We are potentially the most dangerous agency in the country.

Louis Freeh

Anytime we try and contact any government agency on out here, we get the runaround.

Jerry Harvey

I don't believe the agency was acting independently, ... It's very troubling.

Susan Wood

We are very pleased to keep that agency in town.

Jeff Trinin