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It does have to be affordable.

Rick Dickman

He's proposing tax cuts that are clearly not affordable. If they were affordable, he would do them all this year.

Frank Mauro

You pay for what you get. It will be affordable by pretty much everyone.

Ty Bittner

I see this as a banner year for affordable housing.

Jaimie Ross

Affordable housing transcends our ability to zone it into existence.

Don Charles

Rochester is a very accessible community, affordable community.

Tracy Armstrong

We're back to the old standby ? we're the most affordable area in the county.

John Mcwilliams

Welcome to Kelsey's Kitchen, where we make fast, fun and affordable meals.

Kelsey Nixon

We want to make investing easy and affordable.

Jack Thompson

This is not a bad choice for somebody who really wants to have all-wheel drive ... this is the most affordable way to get it.

Phil Reed

We may lose that 3 or 4 star affordable hotel. That's a bit of a concern.

Steve Silver

It offers an affordable alternative for health care.

Judith Clark

I'm trying to keep affordable space for artists.

Cindy Funkhouser

There have been very little teeth in the affordable housing laws.

Andrew Powell

We don't do anything that doesn't include affordable housing and we don't plan to.

Dan Barwick

Space needs to be affordable for all in some way.

Harvin Moore

If I had more influence, ... 100 percent of the housing (on Fort Ord) would be affordable.

Sam Farr

Trading CDs is an affordable way to experiment and try new music.

Bill Nguyen

At their age it is affordable and is a necessary component of any financial plan.

Paul Hrisko

I think we have made a British degree affordable.

Ian Gow

It is accessible and affordable to everyone, no matter their situation.

Brenda Powell

The process must be simple and affordable.

Chris Pirillo

It's community, and it's very affordable.

Wang Lei

The downside of that is that it decreases affordable housing.

Sean Rogan

There isn't a housing crisis in San Francisco. There's an affordable-housing crisis.

Tony Kelly

We talk about affordable housing in this campaign year, ... but we don't act.

Margarita Lopez

Now we are looking to make the technology affordable to every consumer.

Robert Eaton

For a low-income person, it's really not affordable. That's the bottom line.

Jon Gabel

There were all these assumptions and things in writing about how things would be kept affordable.

Michelle Yee

It helps business and it helps the discretionary traveler. If it's more affordable, more people will fly.

Kent George

We want to make everything really affordable.

Carolyn Russell

It doesn't bode well for the future of affordable housing on Maui.

Eric Yoshizawa