"Don Charles" was a popular music/popular English ballad singer, and record producer, and later in his life, a writer of a self-help book. He is best known for his sound recording and reproduction/recordings of "Walk With Me My Angel" and "Bring Your Love to Me". He also produced several of The Tornados' tracks including "Space Walk" and "Goodbye Joe". The latter title referred his original mentor and producer, Joe Meek. Meek regarded Charles highly. "You are my only legit artist", Meek once informed Charles. "All the others are yugga-dugs". Standing at , and weighing around seventeen stone (108 kilograms, 238 pounds), Charles stood out in more ways than one from his fellow performers.

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I'm upset that half the [county] staff can't live here.

Affordable housing transcends our ability to zone it into existence.

R-P is the county's zoning tool . . . of choice for the vast majority of the county.

I think that the county, be it the Planning Commission, the administration or the Board of Supervisors, want to maintain the character of Goochland. In half a century, Goochland is going to look a whole lot different than it does today.