We're absolutely confident we will reach that. We will continue to build the brand after that.

[Developing new models is] the lifeblood of this industry, ... That's really required to be as successful as we intend to be.

There's simply nothing to that, ... The dynamics in the board of management are absolutely fantastic. This isn't a German or an American thing.

This industry is consolidating as it becomes more global. We are leading a new trend that we believe will change the future and the face of this industry.

I was really excited and surprised to see the amount of votes we did receive, ... I'm looking forward to the general election.

We are becoming part of something even bigger and better, something that will make our future even brighter.

There's nothing new to report right now.

The outlook for the U.S. automotive industry remains favorable -- consumer confidence continues to be high while unemployment and inflation remain low.

Now we are looking to make the technology affordable to every consumer.