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Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.

Tom Peters

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.


We evaluate and adjust our operations on an ongoing basis.

Jacob Dipietre

It took a while to adjust.

Anne Hafeli

The technology is increasing so we have to try to learn to adjust.

Cody Rutledge

NASA had to adjust to that cruel reality.

Andrew Chaikin

Every day, every hour, every minute, they're adjusting in real time.

Jeffrey Pfeffer

We'll help our kids adjust.

Lynnese Castle

You can adjust your circadian rhythm for night work.

Geralyn Frandsen

Everyone in town is adjusting prices every two hours now.

Mike Barnes

If it happens, it happens. We'll adjust our business accordingly.

Dale Dreiling

We really didn't adjust as well as we should have today, but we got the job done.

Reese Havens

It's inevitable that the government will have to adjust the oil prices.

Thomas Rumbaugh

I wouldn't say I was rusty ­ I'm just adjusting to the defense and all that.

David Irons

(Brookfield Academy) had trouble adjusting.

Jim Aumann

It's not so much that they're strong up front, they're just quicker than most. They adjust on the run.

Deon Mcphee

You got to adjust to it, that's all.

Joe Johnson

In cooperation with God, we've decided to adjust our plans accordingly.

Mark Pope

We had to adjust our milking schedule to make it to the kids' things.

Judy Schwartz

They put so much pressure on us and we couldn't adjust to it.

Jess Jennette

I had to do something with myself. If not, I was going to die, so guess what? I had to adjust, and I learned to love it.

Lindsey Williams

I didn't adjust to them. I made them adjust to our pressure.

Dan Brinkley

I think we're adjusting to it pretty well.

Michael Miles

Well, we're all a little hostile every now and then, some of us are able to sublimate, others of us can't adjust. You know how it is.

Stan Freberg

We're basically going to be the same look, 4-3, and then we're going to adjust out of that and try and stop them.

Chip Williams

We're strongly positioned to adjust to the changes in the law.

Martha Holler

It took a while for people to adjust to new positions.

Rob Siris

We didn't adjust to that zone very well. They were taking it to us. We were looking for something to get us going.

Lamont Cobb

Those two runs were the difference. We just didn't adjust to them very well.

Jim Link

It's been great watching her adjust and watching her learn.

Carol Salvador

The kids are really adjusting well. They've picked it up faster than we imagined.

Craig Kozens

Sometimes it is not good because you have to adjust in the technique as well.

Maxim Marinin

We think we have an adjusting market and things are just fine.

Michael Saunders

It was the most physical game they've been involved in, by far. They had to adjust.

Larry Slason

But that's fine. You need to be able to adjust. We didn't.

Larry Beightol

It's been an adventure. It's all about adjusting.

Anthony Cannon

We just have to do what we do and make them adjust to us.

Lazarus Sims

Right now, we are all just trying to adjust.

Marsha Thomsen

We're used to it being called one way for two games and then we have it called another way. We didn't adjust like we should have.

Jerry Grant

It's very weird to adjust to.

Jon Heder

I'm just adjusting to the situation. I just go out and play ball.

Fendi Onobun

We did a good job of adjusting and handling their pressure.

Conchita Johnson

If he can't do it, ... and I think he can....I'll adjust.

Mike Heimerdinger

They stepped up a lot in the second half. We didn't really adjust to what they were doing.

Janelle Cooper

What we've done is adjust our operations for the available work.

Forrest Gossett

You can try to ignore it for some time, ... But eventually you have to adjust your behavior.

Scott Anderson

I could have done it (box) in the first half, but I didn't want him to adjust to it.

Emanuel Davis

He's in there and even if he doesn't block the shot he makes you adjust.

Eddie Lloyd