For that to be the deciding point in the game, I thought it was a tough call.

I don't think there is any way of stopping it. The way it has spread from Asia to Europe in less than 18 months is amazing.

We fought hard in that fourth quarter and for that to be the deciding part of the game, that's a tough call. We should've had a better chance than that.

They have the highest probability of mixing with birds that are coming from England, across Greenland, to the eastern Canadian Arctic or from Russia into Alaska.

You got to adjust to it, that's all.

It's good to have a rifle range like this, because a lot of people go out into the woods and shoot and not everybody's conscious of where they're firing at, where the roads are and things like that.

If it gets into the wild birds and then it gets into the domestic poultry, then we've got a very direct contact between humans and infected birds.

The people of Michigan will play an important role in this survey.

It's sort of a crossroads of migration.