I'm excited from the standpoint that these kids are consistently improving. It's exciting to see how these kids are running.

It's clear that the economic impacts from the hurricanes will stretch well beyond the Gulf Coast region to all corners of the nation and beyond. Of great concern for the economy is the mood of the U.S. consumer.

We've been relying on the housing activity for our economic growth.

Alex is going to put pressure on you with his legs. If he gets into your secondary, he becomes like a running back.

We may be younger overall, but have the skills and knowledge to compete with other conference teams.

I was kind of under the impression that very little research was meaningful in medicine ? that their work was frivolous. Every time I was able to deny a project, I felt I had gained a victory that these animals didn't have to be used in research.

We have no way of knowing if someone is a nominee officer or a regular officer.

She's a very good musician. She's got a great attitude and she's a hard worker. She's a very positive and happy young lady.

You can try to ignore it for some time, ... But eventually you have to adjust your behavior.