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I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation.

George Bernard Shaw

A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.

Senator Everett Dirksen

The band really adds something to our lives.

Susan Russell

That's the tool that adds something to the protections for the whales.

Bob Lohn

That adds another $27 billion to the price tag.

Karen Davis

It really adds to the fun of the show and taps into something about human relationships.

Steve Mcpherson

It adds a Caribbean touch.

Kevin Cronin

Brett's murder adds to my fear for the future.

David Gleason

This strengthens our UK business and adds to our growth opportunities in the US.

Alan Murray

(Collins) adds fun so you're not bored (in class).

Kevin King

Katrina adds an urgency.

Benet Wilson

That all adds up to very dangerous and extreme wildfire conditions.

Michelann Ooten

It adds a layer of needed sophistication to the league.

Keith Pelley

Each one of us adds a little something to the offense and we mesh it together.

Brandon Taylor

That adds a little bit more fuel to the fire.

Bruce Johnson

It adds pizzazz. You look forward to it.

Amanda Sabia

The story behind a piece adds to its value.

Nick James

When it all adds up together, you can really have a disaster.

Dr. Fredric Gordon

Think about whether that adds up.

Diane Sullivan

Most bats eat their own weight every night. ... And that's a lot of bug-eating.... It adds up.

Dave Johnston

And I think the lack of precise measurement adds to that.

Rich Levin

It adds to the entertaining possibilities in that room.

Debbie Faulkner

Although it sounds simple, it adds up.

Tom Snyder

This adds diversity to the area and there are so few places to eat around here; you have to go so far.

Larry Richardson

He adds so much value to the team. He is definitely an asset.

Omar Khan

This is what the tradition is; having it on campus adds to the excitement.

Kristin Booher

It just adds more time. Not really more miles, but more time.

David Huffman

He almost adds a Chet-like sound to it.

Chet Baker

It adds an extra element to the game.

Jason Spezza

Our kids need to really concentrate on the little ones. If you have $500 here and $1,000 there, it really adds up.

Barb Macgillivray

It adds a little bit of snap.

Candy Harris

I think it adds a lot of confusion.

Brian Cosgrove

That adds an element of uncertainty.

Jeffrey Benton

And it's cumulative. One individual may not do much damage, but it adds up.

Eric Morgan

This extension adds about half the size of the stage.

Eric Vosmeier

This is a precautionary measure. It adds another layer of service.

Fred Allen