In layman's terms, taxes in Granby will go down this year as the result of true-value and that will shift the burden to the other six municipalities that are in the district.

They are in a slightly different situation than the other suppliers, ... The majority of their oil comes from the North Sea, so they are not, to this point, affected by some of the recent weather conditions.

We feel confident that we can continue to provide the services that weve provided in the past, ... Although, we are looking for any available means to try and reduce our consumption of fuel.

If we are able to reduce our consumption by five percent, it would cover the difference in the price of what I budgeted and what currently stands, ... The market is tight with fuel. I don't think anybody has any idea where fuel prices are going. I think we all feel the pinch each time we go to gas station to fill our own vehicles. Were feeling the same pinch when we fill our buses.

That contract was signed back in April before a lot of the things that subsequently have taken place, ... That 7.3 cents is frozen for three years under that contract and were in the first year. So, at this point, I think that everybody that is participating in that consortium is fairly confident that we have a good price for electricity.

Right now at Golden Sun, we have the ability to store 10,000 gallons of fuel, ... We have been working with Golden Sun and they are going to install a second 10,000 gallon tank so that we have the capacity to store more fuel when the market is either in a position where we want to take advantage of the price or if supply lines start to become tight.

The tax levy ($16 million) that we went to the voters with back in May has not changed, ... The equalization rates have changed and the assessments have changed and they are both outside the control of the school district.

Brett's murder adds to my fear for the future.