Powell visited the doctor, and he told him to rest for another two weeks, while taking medication, so he will not be considered for the Guyana game.

I have not been in contact with Brian as yet, but Deryck has been speaking to him, and from all indications Lara is fit and willing to join his teammates in their bid to win the regional cricket crown.

The boys are really confident after the thrashing they handed Jamaica and we could not have wanted a better time to play Guyana than right now.

Lara told the guys that we have come so far for this championship and we must not let it slip. He urged the players to remain focused as we have the ability to beat Barbados. So said, so done. Lara is really tremendous.

He adds so much value to the team. He is definitely an asset.

Brian is a world class player. He is the best batsman in the world. As soon as he enters the team, he lifts the whole spirit of the team.