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I am borg. I will adapt.

Jeri Ryan

After you pray, accept, adapt and move on, ... That's what winners do.

Ann Jillian

We can probably adapt to most of these issues, but we do not know how much it will cost us.

Jonathan Patz

Our message is that unions are adapting to a borderless world.

Philip Jennings

In a capitalist system, if things change, you adapt.

Brian Clarke

They have to be very chameleon-like and have to adapt to their environment.

Malachy Kavanagh

I found out that if you are going to win games, you had better be ready to adapt.

Scotty Bowman

It is really a wonderful thing. And as more people adapt to it, it's going to be a bigger thing.

Charles Schwab Corp

We're using a variety of materials, adapting the engineering to what we can find.

Walter Baumy

The military constantly has to adapt to the society it recruits from.

David Segal

So we have to try to adapt to and get in front of the situation.

Christopher Jackson

You learn how to adapt and keep you a gun.

Arthur Lauderdale

They changed up their pressure and we did not do a good job adapting to it.

Barry Egan

We adapted to Jon rather than have Jon adapt to us.

Jennifer Owensby

Doug has leadership qualities and the ability to adapt.

Harish Manwani

They haven't adapted very quickly, but they are adapting. You can tell there's a little bit of depression and acting out -- but we expected that.

Jan Hensley

We have to adapt everything, because we don't have the resources you have here.

Leticia Tourin

We have picked a squad that is flexible and will be able to adapt.

Guus Hiddink

You have to adapt to conditions, be a bit smart about things.

John Kosmina