Christopher Jackson
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"Christopher Jackson" is a United Kingdom/British politician and businessman and Honorary Member of the European Parliament.

After a National Service Commission in the RAF as a pilot, Jackson read physics at Magdalen College, Oxford/Magdalen College, Oxford, of which he was an Open Exhibitioner. Whilst there he founded the Magnates Club which eventually became the Oxford University Guild Society. He then trained in management with Unilever, becoming a senior manager of the Group in 1967.

He contested East Ham South as a Conservative in the 1970 General Election and Northampton North in 1974.

He was Director of Corporate Development of the Spillers Group from 1974 to 1979.

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Back in the era when we were dealing with the Soviets, we had a lot greater understanding of how they were going to move and when they were going to move and the conditions.

So we have to try to adapt to and get in front of the situation.

For example, the fact that you can put Navy personnel in an Air Force facility, exploiting information coming from Army sensors, you get a little bit more information than you would otherwise get if it was just the Navy talking to the Navy talking to the Navy, or the Army talking to the Army talking to the Army.

There is still a requirement to be protective of sources and methods, but we are trying to move the pendulum over closer to the side where, as information is collected, it's available across the coalition battle space to all consumers, all people who have a need.

That's like going into a fight with one arm already tied behind your back, and we're getting away from that. No single intelligence discipline or source has all the answers. It has to be brought together with as many sources and capabilities as possible.

The idea is that you get all these different data sources put into a local information grid so that you are a subscriber to the grid. You can call down the information for whatever you need, when you need it.